The Difference Between What We Do

and What a School Does

Traditional Classroom Setting

  • COVID-19 compliance concerns
  • Overcrowded, underfunded classrooms  
  • Wide range of student's academic abilities and needs to assess and address
  • Wide range of behavioral needs  
  • Monitor data and progress  
  • Differentiate work to fit each learner
  • Modify work for IEPs
  • Departmentalized classroom models carry this same taxing requirement for multiple classes 
  • Very few teachers are able to do all of these tasks every single day so then important tasks may be unintentionally overlooked such as data analysis

How We Support 

  • We are open year round
  • We begin with data analysis
  • We work with academics and projects assigned to the student by their school
  • We go backwards or forward in the standardized curriculum according to the academic needs of the student
  • We fill in learning gaps
  • We work with the components of the IEP
  • We address behavioral and organizational needs
  • We go into the schools and hold conferences with family members, teachers, and administration
  • We provide academics based on standards when school is not in session
  • We provide wrap-around services that addresses what teachers may not find time for in the course of a school day
  • We help raise grades and test scores
  • We support all educational platforms such as home schooled, home-bound, virtual student, brick-and-mortar
  • We support transitioning students into adulthood
  • We support college bound/college prep
  • We provide academic services from Pre-K through adult learner

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We Level the Playing Field for All Whom we Serve

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