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Mission Statement

The mission of Mind Your Books Education, Inc. is to empower under-served  children  with top-notch educational support that closes the gap in missed and partial learning thereby correcting gross miseducation and under-education.  We believe in supporting and promoting literate citizens that will serve the economy in ways that are self-empowering, contributory to self, community, and the world at large.

Vision Statement

To provide educational support  in  a safe  and  healthy  learning environment where we are responsive to the individualized learning needs of each student: Gifted, General Education, and Special Education alike; all served in collaboration with families, schools,  and the community in order to help plant seeds of imagination, creativity, knowledge, wonderment, and hope for the future.

Our Services


Statement on Diversity, Equity, 



It is our fundamental duty to serve a diverse body of students of all races and genders, and to create a least restrictive environment for teaching and learning to occur while rooted in decency, humanity, acceptance and inclusion of learners of every ability and academic level. We strive to self-empower those who have been disenfranchised through a strengthened academic baseline guided by emotional wellness and regulation, and by designing a personalized education pathway for individual learners.

We Level the Playing Field for all Whom we Serve

Please support the children by making a donation of any amount to this Non-Profit to help us with resources to supplement educational programs that help close learning gaps in a child's education. It will help to change the life of a child that has been under-served! 

Thank you for doing your part!