Better education means better grades, hope for the future, and a population of thinking, contemplating, literate citizens who can give back to the economy...

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Mind Your Books Education, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization designed to further assist in the community work that we do already as a team of Nevada Certified Principals and Educators. Our goal is to reach and teach more of Nevada’s under-served students. In the collective span of our careers as educators and principals, we have literally helped thousands of children behaviorally and academically. We have each in our own contributions raised data, and increased test scores by large gains for primarily under-served students in the schools and cities in which we have taught.


We operate from best practices and state standards. By profession, we are mostly veteran teachers and principals currently licensed that find it important to continue to hold the professional pillars upright. It's also no secret that for some teachers, there is a relaxation in the integrity of some of the most important pillar principles which in turn, dilute pedagogical delivery leading to poor instruction.We guarantee results because we focus on data and our gains are tremendous.

We feel a compelling responsibility to do our small part in addressing Nevada’s low ranking position on the United States Education Report Card by helping kids receive a sound education. We believe in old-fashioned teaching and learning. We are the #Education Doctors! because we fix what is broken in the progressional tract, and replace what is missing so that it works. Comprehension and mastery happen in the minds of children with the work that we do.

For example, we believe that all children can learn. We believe that it is our responsibility to find a way to reach every child we serve so that they have access to information. We believe in constructive; hands-on methods of discovery, and that students need to visualize, hear, and complete tasks through personalized differentiated learning modalities.


We work with certified Special Education teachers that specialize in working with students on the Autism spectrum. We follow IEP’s when working with Special Education students. One of our mottoes is that we do what’s best for kids.

We reach under-served students and teach in the overlooked, broken and forgotten spaces of mind that have left gaps in  knowledge. We find it, and we fix it. We are the #Education Doctors! and we have been able to successfully guarantee results. We know that gaps in knowledge can jeopardize a student’s chance to choose a life of upward mobility. When these learning gaps are addressed and closed, a solid educational foundation becomes the premise of possibility. Goals become believable, and a bright future becomes attainable. Possibilities loom. A new and young force of workers and entrepreneurs ultimately emerge as a literate body of citizens that can make positive contributions to the economy.

  We want to be able to help. It’s our secret joy.

We Level the Playing Field for All Whom we Serve

Please support the children by making a donation of any amount. It will help to change the life of a child! 

Thank you for giving!