Strengthening Your Future Through a Personalized Educational Approach

We are concerned Principals and Educators who are certified in the State of Nevada that work with kids to help them set and reach social and academic goals. Our Trademark Name is the © #Education Doctors!  We work  with students on all subjects and all grades. Need to graduate? Pass the state exams? We are an Educational Support Community Organization that works with families and  schools to get students on track. We each have a proven track record of academic success with students that have been left behind. We close learning gaps and bring kids forward to comprehension, mastery and proficiency. 

We Work with the Whole Child, Individual, and Family

We  teach all Academic Core Competencies in: 

Social Studies

For every grade Pre-K to K-12th grade.
General, Autistic, Special Education, Gifted

We teach and Reform Social Competencies designed to reduce cognitive or behavioral impairments that interfere with the academic and social environment:
Self-Care Skills
Safe and Appropriate Behaviors
Social Skills
Appropriate Interactions with Others
Communication Skills
Organizational Skills
Transition Skills

Behavior Management

Critical Thinking Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Moral Reasoning

Setting Goals

We Work with the Parents and Guardians as part of their CFT
 (Child/Family Team)
Parent training in the techniques that we employ to continue best practices in all environments 
How to target the restoration of the cognitive and behavioral strategies