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Even as a child in trauma,  I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  For me, teaching symbolized hope in hellish surroundings on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, and when a child is inundated and pelted with crisis, they need something to believe in beyond their immediate circumstances.  As a little child, I needed something to believe in and hope for.  And so I became obsessed with "playing school" with my stuffed animals. Later, I became that teacher who imparted hope for children of trauma in my own classrooms, while forging mentorship and family relationships on behalf of my students. It became an obsession to help and to make a difference, and I was determined to do exactly that. Moving forward from unresolved trauma into teen years, and young adulthood; and without mental health resources, I did grow up. But I was impacted by an early life that would have caused many to quit, or check out. Schoolwork and homework were my refuge as a child. I thirsted for knowledge and information vs seeking friendships. I always got that checkmark in "plays well with others." I didn't want to play. I was broken inside as a child and had no idea why certain behaviors seemed to accompany my life. I did however; want to read books, books, and more books! I would travel the world through books! I escaped poverty through books and love of learning.

The result of this unresolved trauma resulted in a pervasive lack of trust for my adult peers, and peers in general.  And years later as a teacher on the job, when everyone was buddying up for the year, I remained standoffish. I am sure this was interpreted as arrogance, or meanness, but I didn't care. I ran from my peers. My classroom was always warm, inviting, and safe. So I chose to be in my classroom eating alone, this hurried 20 minute lunch, or any other time teachers would seek each other during in-service days, I would flee toward solitude and study my craft. I practiced new delivery methods, studied the gurus, read the books, collected the information, and laid the ground work for seamless, powerful, and impactful instruction. This standoffishness did not translate to the students, though. My relationship with my students was the most important thing and so my focus remained on the emotional and academic wellbeing of my students. In other words, I preferred the work of the kiddos vs the rest of it.

Anyway, with a linear focus on helping  students become more self-empowered, this would cause me to sharpen the sword and become one of the best teachers in the field. If I don't say it who will? Data doesn't lie, even when people lie on you, the data will show what impact you did or didn't make. So. Yes. I got fired every couple of years because I didn't want to play, and not because I wasn't one of the most powerful teachers on the staff. I wanted to help kids and none of the rest of it mattered to me. I wasn't good at stroking my Principal's ego, or power trips, or any of it. I spoke truth to power and made a lot of noise when things were not right that impacted the kiddos. I also didn't have the mental health resources to navigate the interpersonal relationships required to make people happy, and as a result, I didn't stay in one school too long, and I really didn't want to. I found it a terrible bore to be in one school for 20 years. I heard people bragging about that and it made me feel confused. There's a whole planet out there, go live in it beyond this one little corner and this one little chair!

I wanted to help kiddos, but not from one room, in one building, with one set of people. I would get restless and even depressed with no changes to look forward to. So, I used this antisocial nature of mine to my advantage and made myself right rather than wrong about it, and it was the best decision I ever made. I started to enjoy the newness of a new school, new surroundings, and new kiddos! Moving around into new environments allowed me to impact more kids, while collecting strategies for best practices that I would continue to employ my entire career.  

And suddenly "where" didn't matter anymore. I stopped being attached to the building and turned my focus to the work at hand. Kids are everywhere, and that's why I do this work. For them. Somebody has to stand in the gap like I wish someone had done for me. You become who you needed when you needed someone and there was no one. You be that person. I used what some may perceive as a deficit, or unstable, to seeing and extracting the value in the way my career played out.  Changing location caused me to perfect my craft and learn secrets and skills that to date are still very difficult to rival. I said it and I meant it. 

Eventually, I would retire from the classroom as I became more administrative in my focus. How can I help more? Reach more? Teach more? Those collective pearls are the precepts of Mind your BooksΒ© and we train teachers to become the absolute best in their craft.  We only employ best practices in our work. 

 Mind Your BooksΒ© can help you become the best of the's how we train you to deliver your pedagogical skill and technique


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