Our Services


Mission Statement

The mission of Mind Your Books Education, Inc. is to empower under-served  children  with top-notch educational support that closes the gap in missed and partial learning thereby correcting gross miseducation and under-education.  We believe in supporting and promoting literate citizens that will serve the economy in ways that are self-empowering and contributory to self, community, and the world at large.

Vision Statement

Mind Your Books Education, Inc. is a Non-Profit Educational Support Community Organization committed to the academic excellence of children by providing supplemental instruction through professional integrity. We provide educational support  in  a safe  and  healthy  learning environment where we are responsive to the individualized learning needs of each student: Gifted, General Education, and Special Education alike; all served in collaboration with families, schools,  and the community.

We Level the Playing Field for All

Please support the children by making a donation of any amount to this Non-Profit to help us with resources to supplement educational programs that help close learning gaps in a child's education. It will help to change the life of a child that has been under-served! 

Thank you for doing your part!