A Few of Our Department Heads

We level the Playing Field for All Whom we Serve

Cami Taiwo, BS, MAT, MAEL

Founder & President/Lead Administrator of Curriculum Design/Educator General, Gifted, and Special Education K-12/College Readiness/Adult Education Click Here

"Equipped with a Bachelors in Science of Psychology and Biology from Roosevelt University on the beautiful lakefront of Downtown Chicago, Illinois, and then moving on to Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois for the first Master's Degree in teaching; this would lead to a fulfilling two decade career in some of Chicago’s toughest schools. With the completion of a 2nd Master's coursework in Educational Leadership at Concordia University, this would lay the foundation for administrative training. Followed by the completion of 200+ field hours of leadership work for an endorsement for Principal and Building Administrator at Sierra Nevada here in the great state of Nevada, I have been in the business of human service with multi-state teaching and leadership experience for nearly 20 years.  Education equals hope, and so do self-empowerment. When we help to fix the foundation for kids, it strengthens the entire scaffold thereby giving them a fighting chance to change their lives once they are able to make impacting, and life changing choices for themselves. When the precarious circumstances complicating the lives of children are not of their own choosing, what we offer are self-empowerment, hope, and cutting edge resources to strengthen a weak academic foundation in order to forge new beginnings."

Larissa Pola Toizer, BA, MS

Special Education/Autism/General/ Click Here

"Received B.A. in Religious Studies from California State University, Northridge and a M.S in Special Education from National University. Working with at-risk youth is challenging and rewarding, having worked in the juvenile justice system for the County of Los Angeles as a Resource Teacher and teaching after-school classes to help students incarcerated in juvenile detention centers pass the GED exam, I have extensive experience serving youth with emotional disturbance and other learning disabilities including Autism. I love to work with students who need the most help, and I look forward to being of service to help disenfranchised youth reach their educational goals."

Lamont Colquitt, BA

Educator/Music/Sports/Mentor/  Click Here

"I've been teaching for 13 years. I enjoy my calling in the field of education because I now make a difference. I'm also a basketball and football coach. I believe children of trauma deserve strong mentorship."

Sharnay Okeke, BA, MA

"I completed my Bachelors in Special Education with a specialty in the spectrum of Autism at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. I went on from there to earn my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon. I went from working in the schools to providing services in the community as a BST and PSR Provider simultaneously. From there I became an International educator. I have been in the business of human services, education, and international education services in the U.S. and China for 15 years. I have a desire to inspire before I expire! I believe in the Mission and Vision of Mind Your Books, and our sister company for social-emotional wellness;  Spirit & Mind Behavioral Services, because they both echo my philosophy. We really do what's best for kids and that's what this is all about. They are who this is for. "I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and let them lead the way..."

Christy Parry, MASC, MS 

Counselor/ K-12/Elementary/ Mentor Click Here

"I think being an advocate for a child in need is very rewarding. Students come back to me to tell me that I was the advocate that they needed in their lives as a young student.  They attribute adulthood success to these rich interactions. On days that I question my profession, I am reminded that this is my calling."

Nick Akana, BA

Music Drumline/Science/Character Ed/Mentor/Electives Click Here

  •  "I founded the Kahiki O Tamarii School of Music. I offer students  music education dedicated to drumline, I also teach science and math and have designed, choreographed, and wrote an original music program for K-12th grade students in my career. Our biggest focus within the drumline is character education in order to allow the kiddos their moment to shine and be a star through solos and teamwork. One band, one sound."

Sean Jackson, BS

Studio Recording Class/Chess Club/Piano Lessons/Science & ELA Education/Community Worker/ K-Adult Click Here

"I completed my Bachelors of Science in Biology at Truman State University in 2017. I have a unique love for Science, Metaphysics, Forensics, recording original beats, writing music, playing Ragtime and Classical piano, and also working with kids. I love the combination of academics and creative arts to inspire our youth. When learning is made fun, and accessed from a rhythmic energy, knowledge becomes understanding and learning becomes effortless."

Steven Jackson

Sports/Mentor/ Community Worker

"I have been playing sports my entire life, and one thing that always made me feel good as a player was helping kids evolve in their game. I have seen kids change their entire lives around just by being involved in a sporting activity. A lot of kids turn to sports to stay out of trouble, and also use it as an outlet to feel they can express themselves without being judged. I want to be able to bring kids together and keep them away from violence, to bring a community together and to help build life long friendships, and to help kids reach their goals."