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We level the Playing Field for All Whom we Serve

Cami Houston, BS, MAT, MAEL

Official Charter Trustee President

Founder/Lead Administrator of Curriculum Design/Principal/Educator General, Gifted, and Special Education K-12/College Readiness/Adult EducationClick Here

"Equipped with a Bachelors in Science of Psychology and Biology from Roosevelt University on the beautiful lakefront of Downtown Chicago, Illinois, and then moving on to Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois for the first Master's Degree in teaching; this would lead to a fulfilling two decade career in some of Chicago’s toughest schools. With the completion of a 2nd Master's coursework in Educational Leadership at Concordia University, this would lay the foundation for administrative training. Followed by the completion of 200+ field hours of leadership work for an endorsement for Principal and Building Administrator at Sierra Nevada here in the great state of Nevada, I have been in the business of human service with multi-state teaching and leadership experience for nearly 20 years.  Education equals hope, and so do self-empowerment. When we help to fix the foundation for kids, it strengthens the entire scaffold thereby giving them a fighting chance to change their lives once they are able to make impacting, and life changing choices for themselves. When the precarious circumstances complicating the lives of children are not of their own choosing, what we offer are self-empowerment, hope, and cutting edge resources to strengthen a weak academic foundation in order to forge new beginnings."

Sharon Sszeman RN, BSN, BBA

Proposed Board Member/ Nutrition and Diabetes Educator

"I am a graduate of UNLV School of Nursing, and I have Business Accounting Degree from Davenport University. I believe in the clinical model of MYBCS. I have been a registered nurse for 7 years in Nevada. I am a mom of three children. Children are our future. We need to give them the tools to become the best version of themselves and that starts with nutrition. I believe in the mission and vision of Mind Your Books because children of trauma and at-risk students need a strong beginning."

Ema Rowe, BA/

Proposed Board Member /Teacher/Parent Click here

"I love kids and I am dedicated to children of trauma. I am also a foster mom because I need to protect and educate children, it's a part of my make up and I am excited to be a part of this organization that protects and educated children as well."

Tanya Harper-McClair, BSW

Proposed Board Member/Parent/ Community Worker/Social Worker 

"I am a parent, and have worked in the child welfare system in Nevada for over 16 years. Having seen and personally/professionally experienced the shortcomings of an ill-equipped education system in meeting the mental, behavioral health, and educational support of youth in this community has been disheartening, until now. The vision of the Proposed Mind Your Books Charter School is a gateway for improving the education of community children of students at risk.

MYB currently meets ALL children where they are in their discord whether emotional, social, or academic in a personalized pathway intrinsic to that child's RE education and emotional wellness. As a parent and professional, I am excited about the opportunity to support the vision of the Proposed Mind Your Books Charter School."

Kayla Sparrow-Brown

Mentor/Proposed Board Member Click Here

"I was born in Monroe, Louisiana and I knew that I wanted to be a teacher in elementary school thanks to Mrs. LaFlora. My first degree, ironically, is not in education, it is a BA in Fashion Merchandising. My second Bachelor’s is in Education and then I received my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction: Technology from Grand Canyon University in 2014. Being an educator, it has given me a sense of purpose to pass knowledge to developing minds. It allows me to share what I have learned throughout my journey as a student and a professional from multiple strong educators. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with the students of MYBCS and their families. I have had so many ideas for school and classroom improvement, and I look forward to being a part of this work and sharing my ideas and programs. My classroom students always test well, and I take my work seriously and will be excited to bring strategy and ideas to the campus in order to make a difference in the lives of children. As an active and engaged participant in this career path, my students will always have positive support and nurturing to help them to realize their true potential and keep their flame of learning eternally lit."

Sean Jackson, BS

Studio Recording Class/Chess Club/Piano Lessons/Science & ELA Education/Community Worker/ K-Adult Click Here

"I completed my Bachelors of Science in Biology at Truman State University in 2017. I have a unique love for Science, Metaphysics, Forensics, recording original beats, writing music, playing Ragtime and Classical piano, and also working with kids. I love the combination of academics and creative arts to inspire our youth. When learning is made fun, and accessed from a rhythmic energy, knowledge becomes understanding and learning becomes effortless."

Steven Jackson

Sports/Mentor/ Community Worker

"I have been playing sports my entire life, and one thing that always made me feel good as a player was helping kids evolve in their game. I have seen kids change their entire lives around just by being involved in a sporting activity. A lot of kids turn to sports to stay out of trouble, and also use it as an outlet to feel they can express themselves without being judged. I want to be able to bring kids together and keep them away from violence, to bring a community together and to help build life long friendships, and to help kids reach their goals."

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