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"This report will help to heighten the awareness of how we can unite our community to reduce achievement gaps and help children throughout Clark County succeed."

-Bob Morgan, UWSN President and CEO

  • Nevada's 4th graders improved 3% from 2015 in reading, matching the national average in proficiency at 22%. Which ultimately means that 78% of Hispanic 4th graders were not proficient.

  • As recently as 2009, Nevada’s Hispanic fourth-grade students tested at only 13% proficient in reading. Which means that 87% of Hispanic 4th grade students were not proficient.

  • Nevada’s Hispanic/Latino 8th graders improved 3% from 2015 in reading -up to 20% proficient, which means that 80% of Nevada's Hispanic/Latino 8th graders went into high school with non proficient reading skills, this body of students are now Juniors in high school.
  • Hispanic/Latino students lag the national average by 2 percentage points. As recently as 2007, only 11% of Hispanic 8th graders tested proficient in reading. This represents a decline.
  • Nevada’s Hispanic/Latino 8th graders improved 2 percentage points from 2015 in math to 18% proficient. Which means that 82% of Nevada's Hispanic/Latino students were non proficient in math, and still would be without services for improvement to bring them forward to emergent and ultimately proficient.

  • Nevada’s Black/African-American 4th graders improved 6% from 2015 in reading to exceed the national average by a point with 20% scoring proficient. This means that Nevada's Black/African American students are reflecting 80% scoring non-proficient."

Excerpts from:

- The Nations Report Card

"Something caught my eye as I was digging through Clark County student proficiency data last week. In the past four years of data for grades three through eight, the black student subgroup had the lowest percentage of students reaching proficiency. Every year. Every grade. For both reading and math. What’s more, black students in the past three years have had the lowest graduation rate out of seven ethnic groups."

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