Professional Development Tainings


  • Best Practices & Classroom Management
  • Data Analysis & Differentiation of Instruction
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Cultural Sensitivity



  • Math: Counting, Cardinality,  Place value, Length and units, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Money, Data interpretation, Shapes and attributes
  • ELA: Foundational skills, Beginning reading, Phonics, Reading enrichment, Writing, Speaking, and Language, Test taking skills, Writing skills, Cursive Writing
  • Social Emotional Curriculum



  • Math: Operations in Algebraic thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base 10, Fractions, Measurement, Data, Geometry
  • ELA: Key ideas, Craft and structure, Integration of knowledge and ideas, Range of reading, Text complexity, Writing standards, Fluency, Test taking skills, Writing Skills, Cursive Writing
  • Social Emotional Curriculum



  • Math: Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Ratios and proportions, Number system, Expressions and equations, Geometry, Statistics, Probability
  • ELA: Key ideas and details, Craft and structure, Knowledge integration, Text type, Author's purpose, Writing production and distribution, Research to build and present knowledge, Range of writing, Comprehension and collaboration, Vocabulary, Grammar conventions, Fluency, Test taking skills, Writing Skills, Cursive Writing
  • Social Emotional Curriculum



  • Math: Number and quantity,  Pre-Algebra, Algebra I and II, Functions, Statistics, Probability, Trigonometry, Calculus, Physics, Geometry, Financial literacy, Probability
  • ELA: College writing, Key ideas, Craft and structure,  Integration, Literacy, Comprehension, Fluency, Test taking skills, College readiness, Writing Skills, Cursive Writing
  • Social Emotional Curriculum

College Readiness


  • Job readiness
  • Career assessment
  • Scholarship planning
  • FAFSA Enrollment (Financial Aid)
  • Executive Skills
  • College Profiling and Enrollment Assistance
  • Financial Literacy
  • Test taking skills

Second Language, Google Classroom, and Class Dojo


  • All students are signed up on our Google Classroom platform
  • Class Dojo Incentives Based Behavioral Management
  • Spanish Lessons
  • eLearning



  • Robotics
  • Technological Integration
  • Creative Arts
  • Brain Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Financial Education, Credit, and Economics
  • Book Club
  • Chess Club
  • Music Production
  • Hiking Club
  • Piano Lessons
  • Running Club

Special Education


  • Social Emotional Curriculum
  • Student and Parent/Guardian Advocacy

  • Tutoring with IEP modifications and accommodations in academic instruction

  • Transition Services

  • School/Home/On-Campus Advocacy