The ©#Education Doctors! guarantee that we can help you or your child achieve any academic goals and get passing test scores and

grades needed for success. It's our hallmark...

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A Charitable Non-Profit 

501 (c)(3)Education Support Organization:

Being Advocates for the Children Left Behind

Mind Your Books Education, Inc. is an organization of Educators and Principals in service of the people in need of accelerated learning. We are open year round. The quality of our work is highly respected and mandated  in the court systems across multiple counties in the state Justice systems and other family-friendly organizations of southern Nevada.

We sustain academic growth, and yield results for the students that we serve of every grade and subject level whether gifted, autistic, general, or special education. We lead with integrity, and serve with humility and skill, do what's best for kids, and assist in growth. In short, we get the job done.

Our purpose is to help uphold the pillars of good, sound educational best practices. It is fact and  not  opinion that Nevada is a state where the National Education Report Card for the entire United States of America rates us in a percolating position between the bottom and the very bottom. We know that under-served children come in all races, colors, and sizes, but they are the ones who suffer the most when the playing field is tilted. 

Our Trademark Name is the ©#Education Doctors! We fix what we find, and advocate with you in your child's behalf at school. Professional to professional, and working in harmony with the school team for academic, behavioral, and IEP needs, the student receives the balancing support that they've missed along their academic journey. 

We believe that technological integration is imperative. For each client, we purchase and assign online learning platforms for self-study and guided instruction with licensed Teachers and Administrators. 

  • NWEA-Map Growth Quarterly Assessments
  • Google Classroom for every student 
  • IXL practice accounts for every student
  • Class Dojo a point-based incentive opportunity to earn community rewards such as a local trips and prizes
  • Progress Reports
  • Support with school, homework, and missing work 
  • Software to implement and track data 
  • Nevada Academic Standards, NGSS and Common Core approved curriculum Pre-K through Professional
  • District approved Social Emotional Curriculum

Children need well-rounded wrap around  support to  balance  academics and behavior in order to be  successful at  school. We support our sister organization Spirit & Mind Behavioral Services  for top-quality assured therapeutic and behavioral health care.

Our goal is to help turn the academic deficit around by doing our humble part. What kids may have missed creates holes; or a Swiss cheese effect and weakens comprehension and critical thinking which affects sound decision making in every other setting. We fill in the learning gaps together in order to level the playing field. Kids deserve a fighting chance at creating a life for themselves through a strong educational foundation.

It is our moral and professional responsibility to contribute to reversing these damaging effects in the lives of children. We are who we say we are. We do what we say we can do.

We Level the Playing Field for All

We appreciate your support to the children by making a donation of any amount to this Non-Profit to help us with resources!